Fillet app platforms

About Fillet app platforms #

Fillet apps are available on these platforms:

  • iOS and iPadOS

  • Android, phone and tablet

  • Web

When you register your Fillet ID, all Fillet apps will automatically backup and sync your Fillet data.

If you don’t register a Fillet ID, your Fillet data will be saved on your device only and your data will not backup or sync.

Learn more about backup and sync

About Fillet web app #

Fillet web app is designed to be used with a desktop computer.

There are two versions of Fillet web app: Classic and Beta.

Classic #

This is the current stable version of the Fillet web app.

Use the Fillet web app on your laptop or desktop computer for faster data entry.

View more data at once by taking advantage of a larger screen size.

Explore features exclusive to the web app.

_Available in multiple languages.

Beta #

This is the new version of the Fillet web app.

Preview the upcoming release of the Fillet web app that greatly improves the UI and web browser performance.

Test new and existing features.

Learn new shortcuts and prepare your team for the new and improved Fillet web app.

Try the Beta