Import data

Import data #

Import data into your Fillet account #

Import new data, or update your Fillet data quickly and easily.

Fillet’s Import Spreadsheet helps you import large amounts of data:

  • Ingredient names,
  • Ingredient suppliers and prices,
  • Measurement units, and
  • Ingredients in a Recipe,

How to use Import Spreadsheet #


  1. Select a sheet: Recipes, Prices, or Units.

  2. Download CSV version of sheet.

  3. In the CSV file, enter the data you want to import.

  4. Email the CSV file to your Fillet ID email address.

  5. Import data into iOS app. (Android & web coming soon.)

⚠️ Troubleshooting
  • Please select & download each sheet separately.

  • For best results, do not edit the header row in the spreadsheet.

  • If you are not using Apple’s default Mail app, try tapping and holding on the CSV file until the action menu comes up.

  • If you have many apps on your device, scroll through towards the end of the actions list until you see Fillet.

Learn more about entering data into Import Spreadsheet