Advanced #

Do even more with Fillet. Use these advanced features to supercharge your work.

Sub-recipes #

Sub-recipes are powerful building blocks: Put recipes inside other recipes.

Stack them, nest them, combine them — take your recipe development and costing to the next level.

Save yourself time and effort by not having to enter the same ingredients into each recipe. When you change a sub-recipe such as “pie crust” the cost is automatically updated for you in all recipes and menu items that contain it such as “apple pie”, “pumpkin pie”, and “blueberry pie”.

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Labor #

Calculate labor cost for recipes and menu items, and see a breakdown of labor cost.

Labor Cost is expressed as a percentage (%) and a monetary amount ($).

Waste #

Record waste, track reasons for wastage, and update Inventory to reflect ingredient wastage.

Inventory #

An Inventory Count records the amount of an Ingredient you have in stock at a specific date and time.

You can track different Ingredient amounts in different Inventory locations.

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Web app #

Access Fillet anywhere, on any computer.

Use big screen and keyboard with our web app to quickly enter lots of data.

Work efficiently and comfortably with large amounts of data.

Multitasking is more powerful with web app, so it takes your business work to the next level.

Photos #

Save photos for recipes, menu items, and ingredients.

Use recipe and menu item photos as reference when preparing and checking a dish.

Instruct your team members to look at an ingredient photo for reference when they are searching for that ingredient in your inventory.

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Team management #

Your entire team has access to Fillet plan features, and you can have unlimited team members.

Add and remove team members with one click. Sync and share data to work together conveniently. Get the most up-to-date data from everyone in your team.

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