Introducing Filly #

Filly is an app that connects customers to Fillet restaurants. It is available for Apple Watch and iPhone.

Filly customers can search for restaurants, menu items, and ingredients nearby. Nutrition can be tracked using the Apple Health app.

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Get your menu on Filly #

Find customers who are looking for you. #

Update your settings instantly, anytime. Just tap to turn on or off.

Location #


Drop a pin and appear on the map.

Show customers that you’re nearby.


Menu items are your products for sale.

Show customers your most up-to-date menu.

Share what’s inside your menu #

Share some. Share all. Show off what’s inside. #

Prices #


Update your menu’s prices with one tap.

Show customers your freshest prices, always.

Ingredients #


Share all ingredients inside your menu items, including those inside recipes.

Nutrition #


Share your menu items' nutritional information.

Your customers can use Apple Health to track nutrition.

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