Get started with Inventory

Use Inventory to track different amounts of Ingredients you have in stock.

An Inventory Count records the amount of an Ingredient you have in stock at a specific date and time.

You can track different Ingredient amounts in different Inventory locations.

Create a new Inventory Count

  1. In the All Inventory list, tap to select an Ingredient. Or you can tap the plus-icon button and enter a name to create a new Ingredient.

  2. In the selected Ingredient, tap New Count.

  3. Enter an amount.

  4. Change unit to use a different measurement unit. You can use an existing mass unit, volume unit or Abstract unit, or create a new Abstract unit.

  5. Set location to specify an Inventory location, or Use no specific location.

  6. Tap Save.

Ingredient’s Inventory Counts

Ingredient Inventory is the total amount of an Ingredient counted in all locations. This includes Counts using Unspecified Location.

Ingredient Inventory has 2 parts: Current and History.

Current Counts

Current shows the most recent amounts of the Ingredient in each location.

These are the latest Counts for the Ingredient.

This list shows the amount, location, date and time for each of the latest Counts.


History shows past Counts for the Ingredient.

When you create a new Count, the previous Count becomes a past Count and moves to History.

This list shows the amount, location, date and time for every past Count.

Consume inventory

Consume Inventory deducts amounts of an Ingredient from your Inventory.

See a list of all amounts in all Inventory Locations and Unspecified Locations. Then enter amounts you want to deduct from Inventory.

  1. Select an Ingredient, then tap share-icon.

  2. Enter amounts you want to deduct from Inventory. You will see automatic calculations of remaining amounts. Or you will see an error message if you try to deduct amounts that are more than your Inventory amounts.

  3. Tap Done, and Inventory will be consumed. New Counts with the current date and time will be created. They will show the current amount of this Ingredient remaining in Inventory.

Inventory tools

Export your Inventory data to a CSV file, or to print.

Scan barcode to quickly find an Ingredient.

Total Inventory Value uses your Ingredient Prices and Inventory Counts to calculate the total value of your Ingredients in Inventory.

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