Menu Cost Calculations

Menu Cost Calculations #

Calculate Menu Item cost #

Fillet uses Price information from the Menu Item’s Components to calculate cost.

Menu Components are Ingredients and Recipes used in a Menu Item.

Error messages #

If Fillet cannot calculate cost for a Menu Item, you will see error messages.

Each error message has an explanation and options for resolving the error.

Error Resolving the error
Ingredient in Menu Item does not have at least one Price Go to that Ingredient and resolve the error by adding a Price.
Recipe in Menu Item does not have Food Cost because of its own costing errors Go to the Recipe and resolve the errors there.
Ingredient or Recipe uses an incompatible unit in Menu Item Change unit to a compatible unit.You can also go to the Ingredient or Recipe and specify the conversion.

Automatic calculations #

Fillet automatically calculates a Menu Item’s Food Cost, Profit, and Nutrition:

Food Cost Total cost of Menu Components (Ingredients' prices and Recipe cost)
Profit Menu Item Price minus Food Cost
Nutrition Total Nutrition of Menu Components