Orders #

Use Orders to send orders to your suppliers.

Send orders to multiple suppliers at the same time.

Use saved Shipping locations and supplier details (Purveyor Profile) to send more orders faster.

Manage your Orders #

See sent orders, update order statuses, and reference order details for all your orders.

Types of Orders
Pending All Sent orders. (Orders not confirmed yet.)
Delivery Orders confirmed by your suppliers.
History All orders you Marked as Completed.

Create a new Order #

  1. In the Orders list, tap the Add button add-button to create a new order.

  2. Select Purveyors for the products (Ingredients) you want to order.

  3. Enter amounts for the products you want to order. You can change the measurement units for each product. Use an existing mass unit, volume unit or Abstract unit, or create a new Abstract Unit.

  4. Confirm your order details.

  5. Tap Send, and receive confirmation.

  1. In the Orders list, tap the New Order button.

  2. Select vendors for the products (Ingredients) you want to order, then tap the Select products button.

  3. In the Select items list, enter amounts for the products you want to order, then tap the Review Order button.

  4. Confirm your order details, then tap the Send order button.

The information in your Business Profile is automatically sent to the supplier.

Review and Confirm Order #

Review and confirm order details before sending your order.


Details and options #

  • See total Order cost

  • See total number of items in Order

  • See all products in Order

    • Name of each product
    • Amount of each product
    • Price per unit for each product
    • Subtotal cost for each product
  • See subtotal cost for each supplier in Order

  • See subtotal number of items from each supplier

  • Add Notes to each of your suppliers

  • Modify Shipping Location

Shipping Locations #

Shipping Locations are locations where your Orders can be delivered.

The default Shipping Location for every Order is your address in Your Business Profile.

  • For each supplier, you can select an existing Shipping Location or create a new Shipping Location.

  • You can use a different Shipping Location for each supplier in Order.

Learn more about Shipping Locations

Order confirmation #

When an Order is sent successfully, you and your suppliers receive an email copy of your Order Confirmation.

  • Your email address is the your Fillet ID email address.

  • Your supplier’s email is saved in the supplier’s Profile.

    You must enter an email address for a supplier before you can send an Order to that supplier.