About Multi-Orgs #

A Multi-Org is a bundle of Fillet Organizations: it has one Administrator who manages all Organizations in the Multi-Org.

It is designed for an Administrator to manage multiple teams. Each team can be an Organization (or “Org”) in the Multi-Org.

Setting up a Multi-Org #

Each Org in a Multi-Org has separate data. #

Data is not shared between the different Organizations in a Multi-Org.

Data cannot be sent from one Organization to a different Organization.

This is for security and privacy reasons.

Learn more about managing Orgs in your Multi-Org

By default, only the Administrator has unlimited access to all data contained in all Orgs. #

The Administrator can customize access to different Organizations in the Multi-Org, depending on different teams and Team Members.

The Administrator and Team Members with access can switch between different Organizations and work with the data contained in each Org.

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