Team Members

Team Member access #

A Team Member can be added to all Orgs in the Multi-Org, or specific Orgs only.

The Administrator can set up access depending on the Team Member. #

  • To give a Team Member access to an Org’s data, add them to that Org.

  • To remove a Team Member’s access to a specific Org’s data, remove them from that Org.

  • The Administrator can remove a Team Member from all Orgs in the Multi-Org, anytime.

The Administrator can add Team Members to more than one Org in the Multi-Org. #

  • A Team Member can access data for any Org that they are part of.

  • A Team Member cannot access data for an Org if they are not part of that Org.

The Administrator can customize access to different Organizations in the Multi-Org.

Multi-Org members Access to Org 1 Access to Org 2 Access to Org 3
Team Member 1
Team Member 2
Team Member 3