Recipe Tools

Recipe Tools

About Recipe Tools

Select a Recipe and use Recipe Tools to do advanced actions:

  • Use recipe
  • Scale recipe
  • Mail recipe
  • Duplicate recipe

Use Recipe

Use Recipe deducts amounts of Ingredients used in a Recipe from Inventory.

  1. Modify the number of batches. Fillet will multiply the Ingredient amounts.
  2. Tap Consume Inventory to deduct Ingredient amounts from Inventory.

Note: “Batch” is a multiplier. It is not a measurement unit.

Scale Recipe

Scale Recipe calculates amounts of Ingredients you need to produce a certain Yield, that is, “desired Yield”.

Yield is the amount produced by a Recipe.

You can also see the total cost and Ingredient costs of producing the desired Yield.

  1. Enter your desired Yield.
  2. Fillet will calculate the Ingredient amounts and costs of producing your desired Yield.
  3. Fillet will also calculate the total cost of producing your desired Yield.

Duplicate Recipe

Duplicate Recipe duplicates the currently selected Recipe.

Mail Recipe

Mail Recipe sends a copy of a Recipe to an email address.

You can copy the emailed data into any spreadsheet application, print a copy, or save as PDF.