Discover #

About Discover #

Use Discover to connect your business with other Fillet businesses (Sellers):

  • Share your business' contact information.

  • List products for sale: publish your Menu Items and Menu Item prices.

    (Option to publish Menu Items without prices.)

  • Send and receive messages from other Fillet businesses.

Discover is currently available on Android. Coming soon to iOS and iPadOS.

Set up Discover #

  1. The main screen, tap My Business Profile.

  2. In My Business Profile, toggle on (1) List business for on Fillet option.

    • If you want to show your items' prices, toggle on (2) Make prices public for products on Fillet option. Both options must be toggled on.

Options #

Choose what information to show Fillet users who search for your business.

Option 1 Option 2
Do not show prices Show prices
your Business Profile
your Menu Items
your Menu Item prices

Publish and Sell #

  1. In the main screen, tap Menu.

  2. In Menu, tap android-more-button in the top-right corner.

  3. Tap Publish.

  4. In Publish, tap to select the Menu Items (products) you want to sell.

    You can tap android-more-button , then

    • tap Set all public to select all Menu Items, or

    • tap Set all private to deselect all.

  5. When you’re done, tap Save Changes.

  1. In the main screen, tap Discover.

  2. In Discover, tap Search.

  3. Tap Search Sellers to search Fillet businesses.

    Or tap Search Products to search products for sale.

  4. Tap a search result to see details:

    • Select a Seller to see Seller details and their products for sale.

    • Select a product to see other products sold by that Seller.

  5. Tap Message to message a Seller.

Messaging #

Send a message #

  • When you send a message, Fillet will send an email to the Seller.

  • This email will contain your message and your Fillet ID email address.

  • Sellers can reply to your email address.

Receive messages #

  • Receive messages (emails) without showing your Fillet ID email address.

  • Your email address is not shown until you reply to the sender’s email.

  • If you do not reply, the sender will not see your email address.

Verify Fillet ID email address #

Verify your Fillet ID email addresses to use Discover.

  1. The main screen, tap My Business Profile.

  2. In My Business Profile, tap android-more-button , then tap Send verification email.